Invisalign Clear Aligners

 Progress Ridge Orthodontics offers Invisalign and 3M clear aligner technology, which is a system that straightens teeth without using metal braces. Many people prefer the appearance of aligners that are clear rather than traditional metal braces. We utilize an iTero 3D scanner as part of this process to eliminate the need for messy impression material to make molds of your teeth.

  Invisalign uses plastic aligners to slowly move teeth into the correct place, which can sometimes be faster than the use of traditional braces. Generally patients find that these aligners are more comfortable and less irritating than other orthodontic options.

  There are a number of advantages to using clear aligners rather than metal braces beyond just the appearance.

   Contact our Beaverton, Oregon office today to find out if Invisalign or 3M clear aligners will work for you!



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