Treatment Options

The Progress Process

At Progress Ridge Orthodontics, your treatment will start with a thorough evaluation for both aesthetics and functionality. Understanding your motivations, wants, and needs for your care is important to us as we create your personalized treatment plan. As we move forward, we will keep your treatment goals in mind and take into account your unique teeth and jaw structure.  Our focus is to treat comprehensively, so we can give you a smile that, is not only functional and stable, but looks the best it can.

We’re a progressive practice. Odds are, if we’re out of the office, we’re at a meeting or a seminar learning and adopting the latest skills to give you the best care including:

  • New, low profile, comfortable metal braces.

  • Clear brackets to make braces nearly invisible

  • Invisalign clear aligners and Invisalign Teen.

  • Digital X-rays that reduce radiation exposure

  • iTero 3D scanner that eliminates the need for messy impression material to make molds.

Aligners, Brackets and braces


Clear aligners is a series of removable, custom-made clear aligners engineered to gradually shift your teeth into a straight smile. You can take them out when you need, and cleaning is a breeze.


If you want a little less metal in your mouth, clear brackets are a great alternative to traditional braces and are virtually clear except for the metal wire used to straighten your teeth.


We use the lowest profile, smallest metal brackets available so you don’t have to show off all that silver and your lips and cheeks are comfortable.

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