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First thing’s first: We want to meet you! Call us today to schedule a free orthodontic consultation. At your initial orthodontic consultation we’ll take some preliminary records and give you a comprehensive oral exam.
Dr. Park will talk with you about expectations for treatment and explain your braces or clear aligner treatment plan options. She’ll work with you to customize a plan that works for your specific needs.
Our treatment coordinator will then review your cost of treatment, estimated orthodontic insurance coverage, and flexible payment options. If you’re up to date on your dental work and are ready to get started, we’ll schedule your next appointment to get you on the road to your new smile!


In Network Insurance Providers

We accept all insurances and are preferred providers with Delta Dental (Moda Health), MetLife and Cigna Dental.

We do not contract with any HMO plan or supplemental insurances.

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Common Questions

1) How much do I wear my retainer? Full time for the first 4-6 months, and then at nighttime for a lifetime.

2) How do I clean my retainers? With mild dish soap and a toothbrush that has never seen toothpaste (toothpaste has abrasives in it and can weaken the plastic) in lukewarm water. Depending on the mineral content of your individual tap water, your retainer may discolor sooner than later in which case you may want to use distilled water. However, over time your retainer will discolor and you may choose to purchase a new retainer if you are unhappy about the discoloration.

3) How do I store my retainers? “If it isn’t in your face, it’s in your case”. Pets and young children tend to be attracted to retainers and may break them, so it’s important to keep them in their protective case unless they are in your mouth keeping your teeth straight. Again, keep it at room temperature. A hot car or a freezer is no place for a retainer and can make it break or warp.

4) Can I eat with my retainers? No, you must remove them before you eat or you may crack or distort them.

5) Will retainers move my teeth? No, retainers are just there to “retain” what we achieved while you were in braces or aligners. Just like everything else on our bodies (ie. Skin will wrinkle, hair will gray) as we age things will move, so will teeth. So a little bit of movement as you age is normal, even with excellent retainer wear.

6) Do I get free retainers for life? No, the retainers you received on your debond date are the only retainers included in your treatment. Any loss or breakage thereafter will be associated with a cost.

7) Will I talk with a lisp forever? No, eventually your tongue and lips will get used to this new normal. Your lips may always feel a little big because your lips are sitting on plastic laying on top of your teeth. Some may experience some dry mouth because of it, we recommend taking in more water during this time.

8) Can retainers cause gum problems or cavities? No, you will need to continue to see your general dentist to make sure you don’t develop any problems in the future, but retainers do not cause these issues.

9) How often will I need to replace my retainer? That depends on you and you alone. If you are very rough with your retainers, you will most likely need to replace them every year. If anything changes in your mouth ( for example, you get a filling/crown/extractions), the retainer may not fit anymore and it is your responsibility to call the office as soon as you know and get impressions made for a new retainer.

10) What happens if I don’t wear my retainers? Your teeth will most likely move and could move back to its original position, so it is very important you wear your retainers as long as you want to keep the results.
*Lastly, we tried to put down the most common issues with retainers on this list. However, we could not put everything that could possibly happen in your particular circumstance, because that would be impossible. Please use reason and common sense when it comes to taking care of your retainers and your teeth.

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